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Montag, 21. Februar 2022

The new energy law of the canton of Zurich is pushing the pace. What lies ahead for communities, how do they respond and what can they do now? Read our assessment here after our webinar on February 10, 2022.

Net zero in the Zurich building sector can be achieved by 2040.

Basel-Stadt led the way, and the canton of Zurich followed suit on November 28, 2021. The new Zurich Energy Act aims to stop the replacement of old fossil heating systems with new fossil heating systems, except in exceptional cases. Like in Basel-Stadt, where this has been working for four years - to everyone's satisfaction. According to Thomas Forrer, parliamentary group leader of the Green Party of the Canton of Zurich and speaker at our webinar, with the new energy law the Canton of Zurich will achieve net zero in the building sector twenty years earlier than without it, namely around the year 2040. In addition, billions of euros remain that would otherwise be spent on fossil fuels Energy would have flowed abroad, in Switzerland.

The communities are following the new energy law.

We had over a hundred participants in our webinar, the majority of whom were interested community representatives. We asked them what the new energy law made them feel. Fully 40% said they would act now and do more to achieve net zero in the community. Another 23% are now talking more about the topic. For 14%, the goal has been in focus for a long time; they are the pioneers of the energy transition in communities. Like the municipality of Pfäffikon, whose local councilor Lukas Steudler described in the webinar how the village is moving forward with the energy transition with a clear vision and forward-looking energy planning.

Umfrage Gemeinden

Leading the way in the energy transition with tailor-made solutions.

Of course, the municipalities in the canton of Zurich and elsewhere are not only taking action because of new energy legislation. We at Energie Zukunft Schweiz consider the following arguments to be crucial for acting now :

  • Good solutions are now available.
  • Residents want to see results now .
  • The risk of bad investments is now considerable.
  • The general conditions are now changing quickly.
  • Doing something now is often more economical than waiting.

The initial situation and the general conditions vary greatly from community to community. While some communities are still at the very beginning and first need to get an overview or come up with a basic energy and climate strategy, others are concerned with very specific implementation questions, for example in the area of ​​heating networks, photovoltaics or real estate renovation. No matter where your community is, Energy Future Switzerland is there for you. We can provide you with comprehensive support in all phases: strategy, planning, implementation, awareness raising and mediation.

Why Energy Future Switzerland? Because we are convinced that we offer a good overall package:

  • We are implementation-oriented and pragmatic.
  • We are familiar with all relevant stakeholder groups. 
  • We bring together strategic, communication and technical expertise in our large, interdisciplinary team.
  • We are unbiased and responsive to your needs.
  • We want to make a positive difference - for you, with you and for the climate.

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In our quick check, we show you how your community's real estate compares to others. We calculate your CO₂ savings potential when replacing your fossil heating systems with renewable heating systems, as well as the amount of subsidies to be expected.

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