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Creating sustainable impact with renewable energy.

Working alongside businesses, local authorities, public services and institutions, we achieve scale and efficiency by taking a holistic approach.

Assessing and measuring sustainable impact.

We have a mix of energy solutions that we tailor to different industries, but the way we measure success and impact is the same. Our definition of sustainable energy impact relates to two specific measures:

Greenhouse gas reduction

Increase in renewable energy production

Other criteria that set out how we calculate the financial and environmental impact of investments in green energy and green energy projects include:

  • Energy efficiency gain
  • Innovation and know-how transfer

How we generate real impact.



Our purchasing and collaboration decisions indirectly influence energy consumption, so we collaborate with organisations that are aligned with our values and committed to making a positive difference.



We continuously grow our community of changemakers advancing the transition to green energy.


A holistic approach

A successful energy transition requires a holistic implementation, so the impact of our actions can be accounted for in all our areas of operation.


Continuous growth

The energy transition is a global challenge that drives us to keep moving forward to find new ways to make it possible and to continue to grow and improve.

The positive impact we are creating.

Highlights 2022


tonnes of CO2

savings made possible by replacing natural gas with 500 GWh of biomethane.



analysed with 44.51 MWp of PV potential and 5.84 GWh energy optimisation potential shown.



200,000 households electricity needs will be filled by the development of a ground-mounted photovoltaic pipeline in Italy.


tonnes of CO2

saving potentials shown in the area of heat supply.


new jobs

created in 5 different countries.


tonnes of CO2

savings made possible by replacing natural gas with 400 GWh of biogas.

Plans for the future.

There are no borders when it comes to climate change and it’s advancing at speed. This is why we’re internationalising and advancing the transition as quickly as we can – we’re making it happen, together.

We are expanding our vision for a sustainable energy future to other countries, taking into account their strengths in order to make the most of their geographic potential so that we can increase our global impact.

Areas of focus for the coming year:
  • Develop more ground-mounted and rooftop solar power systems and biogas projects in Europe.
  • Support national and international real estate investors on their way to a carbon-neutral and energy-efficient portfolio.
  • Strengthen and further develop our services for all customer segments in Switzerland.