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Key milestones: Towards 100% renewable energy.

% of renewable energy




Our goal is a 100% renewable energy supply in Europe, well before 2050. 

90 %


We are accelerating the energy transition – driving forward the renewable energy era.

42.5 %


One vision for the new energy era.

EZS unites teams from EZS AG and its subsidiary Sunwin Energy with a shared vision for the new energy era. One that will help us to continue as a leading force in the transition to renewable energy. Welcome to Renera.

30.2 %


Our team continues to grow.

Our global team of energy specialists grows to 150 as 73 new energy change makers join us on our mission.

29.5 %


Our popularity increases across Europe and we open offices in Germany, Spain, and Romania.

Energie Zukunft Schweiz is committed to transferring our energy transition know-how to other countries.

The subsidiary of Sunwin Energy expands across Europe and 47 new people join the team, with 9 of them working in new countries.

Expansion of building technology solutions for real estate.

With the acquisition of Broenner AG A – specialised in the planning of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling) and heat-based systems in Neuenkirch Switzerland, we expand our solutions.

28 %
21.93 %


Our popularity increases in Italy and we open a new office.

Our subsidiary Sunwin Energy Italy is launched in Milan to develop ground-mounted solar systems.

Our association becomes a limited company.

The Association of EZS starts outsourcing the operational business to a public limited company called Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG.

26.1 %
19.89 %


EZS becomes the largest independent biogas trader in Switzerland.

We have been procuring high-quality biogas since 2014 and promoting its admixture into the gas grid.

25.1 %
19.1 %


The accessibility of renewable heating is increased.

A new startup, Heizungsmacher (“makers of heating systems”) launches, including a web-based sales process for heat pumps.

23.6 %
17.98 %


Swiss energy and climate legislation is enforced with the launch of new agency.

Together with WWF and other partners act – Cleantech Agency Switzerland is founded.

22.1 %
17.42 %


New Energy Investor Summit is launched.

Potential investors and developers of renewable energy plants are brought together to inspire the creation of renewable energy projects.

19.8 %
14.55 %


New office opens in Zurich.

Energie Zukunft Schweiz advises more than a dozen electricity suppliers and plays a key role in ensuring that renewable electricity increasingly becomes a standard product in Swiss households.

19.5 %
14.41 %


Energie Zukunft Schweiz Association (EZS) is launched in Basel, Switzerland.

To inspire a future of renewable energy, ESZ is launched by energy suppliers EBL, IWB, and GVM to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

EZS organises guided tours of renewable energy and drinking water facilities as well as school visits to increase public awareness, and talks are hosted in communes across Switzerland to promote renewable energy and energy efficency.

18.1 %
10.78 %

*   Global numbers: International Energy Agency
** European numbers: European Environment Agency