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Making the most of our own resources.

Committed to net-zero.

We are committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

We uphold this commitment by:

  • Developing solutions that increase the use of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Producing reliable products and services that act as catalysts for the energy transition, worldwide.

Leading by example.

To lead by example, we take sustainable actions across our whole business.


Sustainable energy consumption.

Renera is 100% powered by renewable energy sources.

We light all of our offices using renewable electricity and heat them with green solutions such as biogas, heat pumps or district heating. We’ve implemented intelligent lighting controls and use efficient devices to ensure that we consume as little energy as possible.


Accessible and central office locations.

The flexibility we offer in choosing when and where to work greatly reduces traffic and commuting pollution. However, when we do commute to another Renera office, our locations are deliberately located in central areas and close to public transport. This is so we can guarantee that employees and clients can travel comfortably and efficiently by public transport or by bike. We also apply this rationale when using private cars or car-sharing services to travel to client meetings.


Procurement guides.

We’re aware that our purchasing decisions and who we collaborate with indirectly influences our energy consumption. Therefore, when choosing suppliers and partners, we adhere to our procurement guidelines that contain environmental and ethical criteria. That way, we make sure that all of our decisions are aligned with our values.

Giving back to society.

We take our social responsibility very seriously. For us, corporate sustainability extends beyond respect for our natural environment, it involves giving back to our community.

Flexible working models.

We take a person-centered approach to employee development and wellbeing.

We want people to go beyond professional development to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance. This is why our people are free to choose how, when, and where they work – in a way that meets their own needs and preferences and results in their best work.

Job creation

We forge a culture of empowerment, where people feel capable of making things happen.

We are committed to creating jobs and developing talent, and provide ongoing training across Europe. We invest in interns and graduates and their ability to contribute new ways of thinking.

You can find our current job opportunities on Renera’s green career website.


Diverse and inclusive teams have a positive impact on our solutions and the results we can achieve for our partners.


That’s why we’re in constant pursuit of achieving the greatest diversity in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, and background. Currently, over 30% of our employees are female, a figure well above the industry average.