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People leading Renera to success.

Far-sighted executive board.

Our far-sighted management team empowers changemakers in five countries to drive the energy transition forward.

Oscar Battegay

Chairman of the Board, Member of Finance, Risk & Audit Committee

Joined in 2021

Oscar Battegay was elected to Renera’s Board in 2021 and is since 2023 Chairman of Renera’s Board of Directors and member of its Finance, Risk and Audit Committee.

Oscar studied economics and law at the Universities of Basel and Neuchâtel (with a law degree of the University of Basel) and is an attorney-at-law and Civil law Notary Public. He is currently working as Of Counsel at the law firm Battegay Dürr AG in Basel, which was co-founded by Oscar.

Oscar has a vast expertise and a proven track record in corporate matters, capital markets, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and in start-ups. He mainly contributes to Renera’s Group success through his exceptional analytical and leadership skills and his ability and expertise in driving organizational success.

He serves respectively served in various functions on the Boards of Camlog Holding AG, Tareno AG, the SRC Basel Blood Donation Centre Foundation, the Abisch-Frenkel Foundation, alta auro AG and various other Boards. Further, Oscar Battegay has been a member of the parliament of the Canton of Basel-City from 2000 to 2004.

Christoph Sutter

Member of Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

Joined in 2022

With a proven track record as a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur, Christoph Sutter is dedicated to spearheading innovative initiatives that address the pressing challenges of our time.

Having co-founded transformative ventures like South Pole and emost, Christoph Sutters commitment to combating climate change is evident. With prior experience at McKinsey, he brings a strategic mindset and deep industry knowledge to our company. With a decade-long tenure as the head of the renewable division at Axpo Group, he has led groundbreaking projects and initiatives, including the development of solar energy solutions through Urba Solar and Volkswind.Recognized as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Christoph Sutter has been instrumental in shaping the global agenda on renewable energy and climate change mitigation.

Martha Scheiber

Chair of Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

Joined in 2023

With her profound expertise in environmental physics economics, Martha Scheiber brings a forward-thinking approach to sustainability and green initiatives, aligning with our company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Martha Scheiber holds prestigious academic credentials, including a Doctorate in Economics from the University of St. Gallen (Dr. oec HSG), a Diploma in Economics from the same institution (dipl oec HSG) and a diploma in Natural Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (dipl. Natw. ETH), with a specialisation in physics.

Martha Scheiber’s professional journey, encompassing pivotal roles such as Key-Account Manager for Top Corporate Clients and Pension Funds at Credit Suisse and UBS, alongside her tenure as an Investment and Portfolio Strategy Adviser for Institutional Clients, reveals her extensive expertise in financial strategy and client relations. Additionally, her 10 year experience as a member of an Insurance Executive Board, where she was also responsible for real estate and her board memberships at Luzerner Kantonalbank, Mobimo, Sympany, and UBS-Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland (CEIS 3) underline her strategic influence in driving impactful change.

Aeneas Wanner

Chief Executive Officer

Founding member as CEO in 2006

An entrepreneur at heart, Aeneas leads the Renera team with a vision and foresight that stems from his time at ETH Zürich University, where he cofounded the climate protection startup ‘myclimate’ in 2002 while studying Environmental Science. He also holds an MBA from the University of St. Gallen.

Aeneas is responsible for overseeing Renera’s international expansion and works alongside the global team with partners to develop business models and get new projects off the ground.

In addition to his role as CEO,  as chairman of the board for a company he co-founded called ‘act Cleantech’. He is a former member of the board of Industrielle Werke Basel (iwb) and the cantonal council of Basel (2009-2019).

In his spare time, he heads to the mountains to climb, paraglide or ski or spends time with his family.

Portrait energy change-maker Aeneas Wanner

Georg Meier

Head of Trade & Innovation

Joined in 2011

From launching a web agency to working for commercial agencies Reuters SA and Energiebüro, as well as a product manager for the electricity industry, Georg is a natural innovator who is constantly finding unconventional ways of advancing the energy transition. It’s this entrepreneurial mindset that enables him to approach projects from multiple perspectives, guiding the team and supporting partners to anticipate change and to stay one step ahead.

As well as being responsible for leading the New Energies team, where he manages Renera biogas and electricity trading across Europe, he also serves as Managing Director.

Additionally, his work involves green electricity marketing and customer loyalty as well as developing strategic and sustainable business models for the energy sector.

Georg holds a degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s in Management, Economics and Technology (MTEC) from ETH Zürich University. In his spare time, he likes to spend time near water and goes swimming, sailing or surfing to relax.

Portrait energy change-maker Georg Meier

Lars Konersmann

Head of Solar Development

Joined in 2014

Originally a self-employed PV project developer and project manager, Lars understands the full potential of solar power and how it can transport people and places into a new energy era.

As a result, he brings over 20 years of professional experience in the field of solar energy and the PV-sector to Renera projects. Lars is responsible for the development of our international Photovoltaic (PV) activities.

He holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Physics from ETH Zürich University and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh Business School and was a researcher for several years at the Institute for Solar Technology (SPF) in Rapperswil.

Portrait energy change-maker Lars Konersmann

Stefan Rotzler

Chief Financial Officer

Joined in 2021

Stefan’s extensive knowledge of finance and accounting from years of working in global mechanical engineering companies now helps people and organisations to benefit from the self-sustaining and cost-effective power of nature.

As part of the CO₂-reduction strategies we develop for clients, Stefan helps partners to create profitable measures for green energy project implementation – with a focus on economic viability and financial sustainability.

Stefan holds an Executive Master in Business Law for Manager from the HSG (University of St. Gallen) and studied Business Administration at the FHBB (now FHNW).

In his spare time, he likes to travel with his family, goes jogging or tries to capture beautiful landscapes with his camera.

Portrait energy change-maker Stefan Rotzler

Nicole Gronau

Head of People and Culture

Joined in 2023​

Nicole possesses a diverse skill set, blending a solid foundation in mechanical engineering with extensive training in business and psychology. Her managerial expertise spans various industries and organizations, ranging from dynamic start-ups to well-established corporations. Notably, Nicole has previously headed the HR and internal communications team of a multinational business unit.

To drive the energy transition forward, a passionate and innovative team is essential. As the Head of People & Culture, Nicole assumes a pivotal role in empowering our most valuable asset: our people. Committed to fostering diversity and ensuring that everyone thrives and realizes their full potential, Nicole helps Renera expanding its positioning as an appealing destination for forward-thinking individuals seeking to make a meaningful impact in the transition towards a renewable energy future.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys sailing on the Swiss Lakes or on the worlds Oceans, immerses herslef in the rhythms of Lindy Hop or enjoys a live Jazz concert.

Experienced board of directors.

Renera is led by a committed board of directors. At Renera we actively promote a culture of empowerment, where everyone’s views count.