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Make the most of your investment with renewable energy.

Every space and surface has the exciting potential to be transformed into a self-sufficient hub of renewable energy – optimised for energy savings and income generation. More people and projects are transitioning to renewable energy at a faster rate than ever before. With this change comes enormous opportunity. We offer investors a wide range of projects to get involved with.

By investing in renewable energy projects, not only will you be contributing to reduce vital CO2 emissions, you will help to create brand-new revenue streams, drive energy independence, and make renewable energy accessible to more people and places.

renewable energy project example of greenfield solar on a sunny day

Why invest in renewable energy with Renera?

Since 2006, Energie Zukunft Schweiz (now Renera) has been a strategic, independent, and trusted renewable energy partner for people, places and projects all over Europe.


Our diverse community of energy specialists is committed to making the transition happen by developing strategies and solutions that continually harness the benefits of green energy.


Generate high returns.

Green energy creates an economic return 3 to 8 times higher than the initial investment whilst reducing carbon emissions.

In advanced economies, renewable power delivered a 10-year total return of 727% and a 136% return in emerging markets and developing countries.

Source: Centre for Climate Finance & Investment (CCFI)


Do good.

Have a tangible impact on all of our futures, and make a completely green energy supply for the world a reality.

By empowering people and businesses to make the transition profitably, we can drive the transition forwards at a much faster rate.


Invest in pioneers.

We’re gaining momentum every day, with over 200 energy transition specialists actively planning and implementing energy projects worldwide.

By being one of the first companies to see and trust in the potential of renewable energy, we have gathered know-how and authority in the field that has positioned us as trustworthy experts.

Let's make the most of your investment.

Do you have a question about Renera, renewable energy, or current investment opportunities? We’d be happy to talk it through.

Aeneas, our CEO, works alongside investors to identify the best opportunities. 

Name: Aeneas Wanner
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +41 61 500 18 02
E-mail: aeneas.wanner@renera.energy
Renera at a glance.

We are not just thinkers, we are doers, and it’s this mentality that has led to a yearly increase in the production, delivery and supply of renewable energy across Europe.


To lead the world towards a completely renewable energy supply.


To implement the energy transition agilely to empower businesses, whilst preserving the livelihoods of future generations.

What we offer

Solar, biogas and energy efficiency solutions. We do this through consulting, project design and engineering, tendering and EPC management, trading, monitoring and maintenance.


Offices in Switzerland (Basel, Zurich), Italy (Milan), Romania (Timisoara), Spain (Madrid) and Germany (Freiburg i.B.).

Main clients

Real Estate companies, energy companies, government authorities, private property owners, farmers and other land owners.


In Basel, Switzerland by energy suppliers EBL, IWB, and GVM. Three partners took over the company in 2019 as part of a management buy-out.


200 employees in 5 different countries (August 2023).


An average annual growth of 30% since conversion to a PLC. Sales 2021: around CHF 20 million. Forecast 2022: around CHF 30 million.


Profits are fully invested back into our international growth and renewable energy funding programmes.