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Green energy solutions that make the most of your assets.

From an idea to fully operational.

A successful energy transition requires holistic implementation to deliver real business value. Our energy specialists are here to make it happen. They include consultants, engineers, and financial advisors who possess a ‘hands on’ mentality that enables us to continually harness the benefits of green energy.


We analyse the feasibility of energy solutions and sustainability strategies to determine photovoltaic capacity, C02 emission reduction, and income potential.

Project design and engineering

We co-create project plans that outline and achieve strategic financial and sustainability goals. We are always present during the construction of renewable energy systems as your partner.

Tendering and EPC management.

We manage all stages of the project. From the inception to completion stage as part of an EPC agreement, including the submission of renewable energy bids.

Monitoring and maintenance

We routinely check the efficiency of the renewable systems we put in place, to ensure that operations are always optimised.

Delivery of renewable energy

We help our clients to fulfill their decarbonisation strategy by ensuring quality long-term purchase agreements of biogas and renewable electricity.

Identifying opportunities for your green energy projects.

As the leading provider of renewable energy to Swiss Real Estate, we help clients from multiple European industries, using our in-depth knowledge and expertise of local ESG regulations, investor requirements, and potential sources of revenue to realise ambitious business and sustainability goals.

Businesses, institutions, and property owners all over Europe are partnering with us for our experience and hands-on attitude. They know that a proactive renewable energy strategy can unlock business potential and increase the value of their assets.

Real Estate

Increase the value of property through the integration of renewable energy and future-proof assets in order to make them resilient to potential regulation changes.

Land owners

Increase the value of land by using the same land to both harvest crops and produce renewable energy.

Companies (SMEs)

Boost business potential by reducing energy costs across all commercial spaces and surfaces, and enhance your reputation as a more conscious company at the same time.

Biogas plant owners

Successfully market your biomethane with long-term offtaking agreements at attractive prices.

Let's make the most of your assets.

If you’ve got a question about Renera, renewable energy or the feasibility of a project you have in mind, then we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Corina helps clients from a wide range of industries get their renewable energy projects off the ground.

Name: Corina Ledergerber
Position: Head of Transformation & Operations
Phone: +41 615 00 12 49
E-mail:  corina.ledergerber@renera.energy

Solar technology solutions.

Become energy-independent. Produce your own sustainable supply of electricity, avoid high energy costs, generatre extra income and create savings.

From housing estates, office buildings and rooftops to logistics and commercial sites, we can help you benefit from an infinite supply of solar energy – sustainably powered by light.

Rooftop PV

Have photovoltaic (PV) systems mounted on your rooftops.

Ground mounted PV

Have photovoltaic (PV) systems installed on your unused land.

Integrated energy systems solutions.

Just like our strategic energy advice, your property is unique. Building refurbishments for the integration of renewable energy often require bespoke solutions to make the most of green energy within a property or large real estate portfolio.

Global energy advisory

We advise on the heat supply, energy efficiency and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points of existing buildings, and strategically plan the best solutions that will last for decades.

Portfolio Analysis

We advise on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your portfolio and thereby generating additional income and reducing dependency on the electricity market and price inflation.

Green gas solutions.

We are the leading independent provider of biomethane  in Switzerland. With a portfolio of 44 biogas plants in 10 countries, we buy and sell biomethane to companies all over Europe. Our strong network of biogas plant partners, customers and expertise of the European market, ensures that we provide the best energy deals to both, suppliers and producers of green gases.

Offtake agreements

We procure long-term agreements for flexible green gas volumes and qualities from all over Europe including GOs, and sustainability certificates in compliance with European sustainability legislation.

Advisory & project development

We identify, source, procure and deliver green gas projects in collaboration with local and global partners around Europe.

Biogas Plant from the side with blue sky and field
Country specific services.

Choose your country website to learn more about the specific service portfolio and to receive further information on solutions and our company.


We offer a wide range of solar, energy efficiency, EV-charging, biogas, and heat solutions.


We develop large-scale ground-mounted PV systems.


We develop ground-mounted PV systems and self-consumption rooftop PV systems for Real Estate owners.


We develop ground-mounted PV systems and self-consumption rooftop PV systems for Real Estate owners.


We develop large-scale ground-mounted PV systems.

We offer large-scale ground-mounted PV systems.
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We offer ground-mounted and self-consumption rooftop PV systems.
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We offer portfolio analysis to determine photovoltaic potential and implement PV power systems.
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We develop large-scale ground-mounted and self-consumption rooftop PV systems.
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